Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project Ron Saks- Week 2 Part 1

After each of us completed our own thoughts/sketches for the project, we met up and decided who would lead which aspect of the project:
Mandy and Kimmy are doing Character Development
Jason is doing Environments (A bit of a curve ball i threw his way, but he can handle the challenge :D )
and Emily and I are doing Storyboard/key frames.

In class, Emily and I came up with this as a starting point for our Story:

Red (innocent/fierce) walking in field, carrying a shot gun
come upon forest. Red cocks her gun, ready for anything.
Title sequence.

-Walks into forest and through forest, shows passage of time
-Hears a Rustle in the bushes
-scared, points gun, but doesn't shoot. Figures it's nothing, pulls herself together, and walks on
-eyes peer out from bush.
-walking, silhouette runs across foreground.
-walks more.
-squirrel makes noise, Red shoots, just missing the squirrel. It looks like a deer in the headlights as it freezes. Squirrel pushes nut toward Red, as an offering, thinking "i'll give you this nut, just PLEASE don't kill me".
-Red, realizing that it's just a squirrel, calms down, and ignores the squirrels offering (maybe steps on it?) Hardened by her search for the wolf.
-walks deeper into forest, everything getting darker/less saturated
-See silhouette run past again.
-Silhouette high above her, looming over her. She realizes this and points her gun in his direction. Moves the leaves of the bushes out of the way and sticks the barrel of her shot gun in his face.
-HER face shifts from a look of anger/scared to confused/mesmerized
-we see puppy. she cocks gun, and dog cocks head.
-she drops the gun, looking positively hypnotized by this puppy, and hugs him.
-dog looks at camera over her shoulder, face drops from happy/adorable puppy to an angry malicious smile.

the wolf wins again.


  1. OMG, lol I really love your outline for the story it's sounds absolutely adorable/hilarious!

    Little Red Riding Hood is seriously one of my favorite fairytales and I love the new twist you're putting on it.

    Great storyboards too!I love all the varying shots and different POV's, and it's great how closely the storyboard represents/shows the story outline. :3 Good job! You guys got alot done your first meeting so great progress! <3

  2. Thanks Hannah! We're all just so pumped about this project, that we just dove in head first. We have a lot of work ahead of us...but i am really proud of my team for working together so well thus far.