Thursday, March 1, 2012

Project Ron Saks- Week 2 Part 2

Story Boardin' + a little color study


  1. I love that title picture! The color palette is a lot like what I was thinking. I would love if we could somehow get some patterning in the background and maybe the characters too. We should try to think of a way to do that that will be easy for everybody.

    Aaaw... I love the head tilt on the puppy too!

  2. I really like the last one with the color image, but along with the storyboard I love how the little puppy turns his head and how red is pointing the gun. The part I did with the enviroment was I had it reversed where she's pointing the gun the opposite way. Eigther way I love that part with the gun. I think you nailed it really close with the screen shot of the puppy having a grin lol.

  3. Mandy- yes, i agree. that was a quick 'lets fill color quick to show what i'm thinking about color-wise' but i think the grass could use a little loving...and frankly the shape of red is too blobby. hahaha. I would love it if red's cape had a subtle pattern to it...skulls maybe?

    Jason- Thanks!

  4. I like your story board. It is very detailed and understandable for most parts. I somehow dont understand the last image. Is that dog angery or what? I thought he should be happy or something like that.