Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project Ron Saks- Week 1.5

As soon as our group found each other, we clicked right away. We have edited our story line, and have begun the beginning stages of our character and environment development.

As Team Director, I put together a calendar for the team:
BEFORE T, 2-28:
-Discuss Storyline, & Make Adjustments.
-Latest Story Rendition:
beginning: going into the woods, cute and innocent but very confident.
middle: walking in forest, as it gets darker and shadows are getting darker. Starting to feel a little
eerie. Things rustling in bushes...and she starts to get really nervous. Sees small animals, and
freaks out (like when Rapunzel freaks when theres the bunny in tangled)
end: puppy.
we could have her hug the puppy..and the puppy could have an evil grin...like he’s the wolf
underneath (with vicious fangs, a vicious smile, and a twinkle of red in his eye ... exaggerated a lot)
....foreshadowing that he’s tricked her again?

-Go to the Library to look at Art Of Pixar Books/inspiration.

T, 2-28:
-Talk about Characters (age, weight, appearance, ...is she human? etc.) /Environment (woods? park?
- Talk about Style & Inspirations- Lorelay Bove, Pascal Campion, Brittney Lee
-Divide the work: (Suggestions of how to divide?)
Character Development (Finalized Sketches)-
Environments (Finalized Sketches) -
Storyboard i.e. how story will flow-
**Focus on composition and "Design" of characters/environment more than details.
-Work in Class.
10.30 show/discuss progress.

R, 3-1:
-Review work done (sketches, etc)
- Character Developers- color studies for tuesday
- Environmentalists (lol)- color studies for tuesday
- Boarders- Key Frame Drawings for tuesday

Please Post Progress to Blog by tuesday.

T, 3-6: Sophomore/Junior Reviews. Still meet?
- Critique color studies/final critique on character/environment designs/Key Frames
- Each person take a chunk of the story (split 5 ways)
Use sketches/key frames to put together your piece of the story. Make it fun and exciting. Watch "Glen
Keene Animates a Scene"
- Consider Squash/Stretch, Straight vs. Curve, etc.

Post Your Piece for thursday on the blog. Bring file on flash drive so we can put them all together in
class, and see how it reads.

R, 3-8:
-Critique Clips. What could we add/subtract to make them better. How do they flow?
-Reassign Clips, and "finish" one that someone else started using pre-designated palate (from color
study findings) so everything flows.

Please Post by tuesday, and bring on flash drive.

T, 3-13:
- Last critique
- Final Edits
- In a perfect world, we can piece the whole thing together by the end of class, and be ready for
Thursday. :D

For Today, we each did sketches/thoughts:

><br><br>Walks into forest/through forest, show a passage of time with clips and breaks.<br>Hears a rustle in the bushes.<br>scared, holds up gun...doesn't fire.<br>Collects herself, starts walking again....we see eyes in bush behind her.<br>Shadow/silhouette runs across foreground (red walking in "background")<br>Squirrel makes noise, Red fires her gun, and just misses the squirrel. Squirrel freezes, not sure of what to do ...so he offers Red his nut as an offering for her refraining from killing him.<br>She, realizing its just a squirrel, collects herself, and goes into "SUPER BAD-ASS MODE"<br>Walks further. Woods getting darker.<br>See silhouette again running past.<br>"Wolf" sits...feel it looming over her. She sees it and raises up her gun to shoot, and shifts the leaves of the bushes out of the way.<br>Watch her face change from angry/scared to excited/mesmorized. <br>Little puppy is staring at her, and cocks his head.<br>she drops the gun and pulls the puppy up into her arms.<br>Puppy looks into camera, and gives vicious, evil grin with a gleam of "i got her" in his eye.<br><br>The wolf wins again.<br><br><br>

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