Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In class Notes 2.7.12

Before I forget! Here we go:

Here's What I learned:

-Open After Effects
-Your layer panel is on the left, holding all of your "back stage" elements, the Composition is the big rectangle in the middle, which acts as your "stage", and below is the timing and timeline.
-Click "Composition" in top, and New Composition
-Name your composition, select the file size, frame rate (24) and time. click ok.
-Now your composition is "backstage" YAY!

-File SaveAs....save this AEP file in the same place your psd/other files are that you are about to import.

-Next you go to file, import, and import your selected file. This will also show up in your layer panel on the left. You can now drag elements onto the composition and use the timeline below to edit.

-When saving, pull up your "Render Queue" which will overtake the timeline window.
-Drag down your most recently saved composition. Play with the clickable options to get a .mov file (pick quicktime not the .avi) and hit Render. <>

Here's what I got done in class today :D

Hungry Bunny v1 from Monica Cronin on Vimeo.

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