Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project Ron Saks- Week 1

Story: A red riding hood spoof/sequel.
We see Little Red is in the woods searching for the wolf (gun in basket) and something with scary eyes keeps looking at her from the bushes, and rustling the leaves and then we see a shadow hover over her, and her face is scared, and all of a sudden it changes to surprise/excitement because its just a little puppy. :D

Need: People who like to draw, people who know/want to know things about after effects or another program with which to animate, people who are willing to work hard toward an awesome goal :P

# of People: 4-5

Style: Looking for inspiration from Pascal Campion and Brittney Lee. Focus on color/palate/lighting, well designed compositions, and technology

Week 2: Sketches for character, environment, color studies, storyboard keyframes
Week 3: Sketch animated, each person takes a piece and makes it cohesive and exciting.
Week 4: Final Cleaned Up. Take someone else's piece from the week before to clean up.

I HOPE YOU VOTE FOR MINE <3 It's probable that things will change, as 4-5 minds are much more clever and entertaining than just one!


  1. I really like how well you've thought this through already. It sounds like a really fun project with fun/cute characters!

    The only thing I can say is it seems a little anti-climactic but of course that can be fixed with proper illustrations and story-telling, and you'll have time to figure it out as a group.

    Sounds fun! You've got my vote!

  2. I sort of agree with Mandy. As long as it's a REALLY, REEEEEALLY cute's plenty climactic in my opinion. :]

    Also, like you said, I think it would definitely be great a little longer, cause it's a good concept! Maybe have the wolf actually appear at some point? "Dun dun dun!" ...but he's just as harmless and cuddly as the puppy? Just throwing out ideas.

    Good luck!!