Thursday, January 26, 2012

In Class Notes 1.26.12

Technically today was not a "notes" kind of a day...but I did learn a new concept today that I wanted to talk about on here.

Straight vs. Curve
This idea suggests that for every straight line there should be a curved line. Dave Pimentel actually does a fantastic job describing this technique here. In short, parallel and perpendicular lines are not nearly as interesting as line that intersect or may someday intersect, and are more interesting still if one is straight and the other curved. This provides a drawing with a sense of fluidity and feels more natural that things that are all curves or all straight lines.

Also we got to talking about 101 Dalmatians, and people looking like their dogs...which is SUCH an accurate thing to say, because it is SO TRUE. Most people you see at the park walking/running with their dog...usually have similar features to their beloved pet. Anyways, here is the link :

Have a Happy Weekend!

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