Thursday, January 26, 2012

In Class Notes 1.24.12

I want to post in-class notes on here
1. To immortalize it, so I can't lose my notes
2. To process what I learned a few days previous, in hopes for better retention

Charlotte's Lecture:
1. Joseph Canzani is part of all of us. He taught us things like 50% grey mat board is the best color to make your artwork look its best, and that Elvis was a decent musician.

2. Making a Contact Sheet:
-Open images in Bridge
-click "output"
-US Paper, Quality 150, columns X, Rows X, keep/leave filename, refresh-->do again till happy
-Hit save.
****ANIMATORS: this is a quick way to build a storyboard

3. Color:

4. Unsharp Mask, to make a rich film look to images
- Make Copy of Layer, Layer Adj, Desaturate
-Filter, Sharpen, Unsharp Mask, [Amount Up, Radius, Threshold Down] Need and Alpha Mask (layer mask)

5. Coloring in PS
-Copy linework into layer mask. On new layer, fill layer with black and then invert. Lock pixels and paint away :D


Matthew's Lecture:
1. The MOST difficult thing for many an artist is Online Visability and Promoting their Work.

Different types of Visability:
1. Flickr/Reddit/DeciantART: semitargetted community, immediate feedback, but it is hard to stand out in the sea of images. click*click*click. However, Coey Kuhn (Graduate of Aurora High School AND CCAD) seems to be doing alright for herself off deviantart.
2. Behance/Creative Hotlist/Krop/Dribble/Carbonmade: industry oriented and you have a collection of work presented.
3. Facebook Page for Artist: Post links, get likes, strong community.
4. Monthly Newsletters: Image, how did it, how job came up, Stay Tuned for this great thing I'm doing next month!>>plug in email addresses to send newsletter to.
5. Blogging: Long form of online portfolio, to see an artists successes and failures, sketches and process. You are engaged on this one page, because you looked this person up, and can see a history of the artist.

2. The Marketing Plan: Define a Marketing Plan:
Define your objectives, your demographics, ideal clients
Develop content/place holders for content on a 3-6 month basis
Gantt Chart- Timeline vs Tasks. When you will update each thing, and how often.

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