Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Are you a Dreamer or a Doer?

This reflection is in response to the article "Are you a Dreamer or a Doer" by Chris Oatley click here for link.

Where are you on the Dreamer/Doer spectrum (why)

My Dreamer Strengths: vision. initiative. see potential.
My Doer Strengths: productivity. realistic. results.

My Dreamer Weaknesses: lose focus. constantly stressed.
My Doer Weaknesses: stuck in a rut. risk-averse.

Here is the story of (almost) every project I complete:
I am an illustration major. Given a problem, I can find 20+ ways to solve that problem. I love to concept, sketch, and problem solve. Once I get a great idea, I don't stop, because I don't want to miss out on other great ideas I haven't thought of yet. Once I come up with "THE IDEA" I get very excited about it, and think about nothing else for hours, as I sketch and write down everything that pops in my head, whether it is coherent or not.
I edit as I go, knowing what will be easy to complete, a stretch-but-doable, or impossible...and I usually hit somewhere on or a little after "
a stretch-but-doable".
As I start to follow through, however, my steam starts slowing down. I am suddenly very hungry, or my room is making me anxious for being so messy. Anything to distract me from my work, I use as an excuse. A day or 2 will pass, and I haven't touched my project again, and the due date is coming up fast. So I buckle in, grab a Rock Star and some Gardettos Chex Mix, and hit the project square in the forehead. 80% of the time...this works in my favor, I focus for a good 10 hours straight, and push through all the awkward stages. 20% of the time, I come out frustrated and confused as to why my vision in my head doesn't look the same as what I created. But, whatever I came up with for that 20%...I still go into class, acting like it was just like I wanted...because no one can believe your work is any good, unless you believe your work is any good.

and what area(s) of Media Arts are you going to test-drive (have you ever produced an animation/cinematic/photography masterpiece? What are your goals for this course?
I want to test drive animation. I am doing an independent study with Dave Groff, and working on the characters/storyline/backgrounds for a short public-awareness animation, that I hope to animate in this class. I hope to use the first 2 assignments to experiment with different types and styles of animation, so see what feels most comfortable and right for the final.
No, I have never produced an animation before ever...very excited/nervous/eager!

What will be your accomplishment?)?
I want to learn about animation, and get a basic understanding of different programs and techniques, and employ those techniques on my various projects and experiments. I hope that I will accomplish a short video, based on my work in my independent study.

Include at least one image of your own art (what are you proud of?).
Please click here. to see my website (that I just created/coded in December, and am very proud of.)

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