Thursday, April 26, 2012

Project Duncan- Week 5

So, that being said, Storybord Pro and I will become friends this summer, not in the next week. Photoshop and I shall duke it out until then.

I set out to focus on the couple things that were most bothering people with my Animatic last week
1. Walk Cycle
2. Lady


Next week I'll tackle the last few things that have bothering ME with my Animatic, and then it'll be done. GASP! PLEASE watch my animatic on this past post, and let me know if there is anything that troubles YOU with it, so i can fix that too :D


  1. I love the walk cycle I didnt think you had to fix it. I really like the tiger face alot of detail, will his body be the same way? i notice his stripes change color as he is looking back. I know how you feel about storyboard hang in there you will be a pro in photoshop animation when this is done. your doing awsome like she says just keep swiming. awsomeeeeeeee.